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Climate Change: Implications for NGOs

"A discussion on how climate change is likely to impact NGOs and how they can best prepare for them internally and externally."
Injy Johnstone

Available starting: Sunday, Nov. 17th 11AM (NZST)

Outline Available for Download

Climate Change Implications for NGOs
Webinar for Sustainability NZ by Injy Johnstone

1. Overview:
  1. Global and local impacts of climate change
  2. Implications for NGOs:
    •  Organisational
    •  Community
2. Opportunities for NGOs:
  1. Internally
    • Enhances standing as responsible citizen organisation
    • Enhances the culture and efficiency of the organisation
  2. Externally
    • Enhances regulatory confidence and engagement
    • Enhances prospects for funding and grants
3. Starting the process:
  1. Make the investment
    • Time
    • Institutional Buy In
  2. Conduct organisational overview
    • Policies and procedures already in place
    • Scope of operations
      1. Internal (Office)
      2. External (Projects, Conferences)
4. Decision Points:
  1. Type
    • Policy, Procedure, Plan, Vision, Strategy
  2. Scope
    • Environmental/Social/Economic Sustainability
  3. Process
    • Roadmap
    • Internal vs External
  4. Responsibility
    • Implementation
    • Reporting
  5. Review
    • Internal vs External
    • Timing
5. Drafting:
  1. Use of Standards
    • World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework
    • Global Reporting Initiative – 100, 200, 300, 400 Series
    • Sustainable Development Goal Indicators
  2. Organisational Metrics
  3. Integrative weaving with policies already in place
6. New Zealand specific considerations:
  1. Te Tiriti
  2. Zero Carbon Act
7. Success looks like:
  1. Policy is actioned and embraced by the organisation
  2. Effective annual reporting and updating of policy
  3. Pioneer in encouraging other organisations to plan for and adapt to climate change
8. Conclusion

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