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    Maria DaRocha

    Academia and Research Discussion

    1. These forums can be read by anyone, but only posted to by invited members.

    2. If you are an academic or researcher, you can apply for authorization to post to these forums.

    Separation of these discussions is done to give researchers and academics leverage for their work and a platform to engage directly with other academics or researchers. These individuals may also post in the General Discussion forums.

    General Discussion

    1. Non-moderator forum posts should lead with C, F, or Q encased in [square brackets].

    [C] or [c]: Chat
    To be used for general conversation related to the parent SDG

    [F] or [f]: Feedback
    Used to seek feedback from others on an idea, proposal, policy, etc. as it relates to the parent SDG

    [Q] or [q]: Question
    Ask a clarification question about the parent SDG to the wider community*
    *Not to be confused with a question that may be asked of a moderator for assistance.
    For technical queries, please refer your question to the Help Forum.

    Examples: [C] Topic Title, [F] Topic Title, [Q] Topic Title

    2. Please read our Rules before posting in either type of Discussion Forum.


    Thank you for using our forums as a means of engaging with the SDG’s.
    We hope to be a place for discussion that enhances cross sector collaboration.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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