Katharine Woolrych

International Relations and Development Studies

Victoria University of Wellington Graduate

Katharine Woolrych is a recent graduate of International Relations and Development Studies with a passion for human rights and humanitarian action.  Having represented New Zealand youth at the New Zealand’s Universal Periodic Review on human rights before the United Nations in 2019 and spent a year as Co-President of the Victoria Development Society, she has a particular interest in how the Sustainable Development Goals can be better integrated into human rights frameworks.


Human Rights and the SDGs: Bridging the Gap to Achieve More Together

By Katharine Woolrych International Relations and Development Studies Graduate As Amina Mohammed, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, noted in March 2019: ‘human rights are an intrinsic part of sustainable development — and sustainable development is a powerful vehicle for the realization of all human rights’. Every day human rights defenders work on SDG-pertinent issues across New Zealand and around the world, from affordable housing, to environmental protection, to justice system reform. Indeed, the human rights agenda and that of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) not only share a common vision for human empowerment, but rely upon one another to achieve their

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