Dr Jane Riddiford, Global Generation Founding Director

Dr Jane Riddiford

Global Generation Founding Director

Dr Jane Riddiford has more than 30 years of experience in delivering environmental, arts & vocational training projects in New Zealand & the UK. In the early 90’s she managed Kelmarna Gardens for Framework Trust and developed an Inner City Forest at New Central School in Auckland. In 2004 she co-founded environmental education charity  Global Generation in the UK which connects people of all ages to nature in the middle of London and supports children and young people to become catalysts for change in their communities.

Her action research based doctoral inquiry focused on developing collaborative leadership in the context of community based regeneration. Her recently published book Learning to Lead Together: An Ecological and Community Approach  describes the evolution of her work. In 2022 she and her husband are returning to Aotearoa New Zealand, where they will be involved in a wetland restoration project in the Wairarapa.


SDG Presents: Global Generation Project, Voices of The Universe

SDG.org.nz is pleased to share the work of Dr Jane Riddiford and Global Generation as the featured work for SDG Presents: October (2021) October 1, 2021 By Dr Jane Riddiford Global Generation Founding Director Much of what I have brought to Global Generation’s work in London has roots in the group of islands 18,300 km across the seas that form Aotearoa New Zealand; the land where I was born. The covid pandemic meant that what might have been a brief trip for me and my husband, Rod Sugden, to visit my 95-year-old mother turned into a five-month stay.  This time

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