This website is a public good contribution by the School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington.

In September 2015, as a member of the United Nations, New Zealand signed up to the attainment of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The intent of this website is to monitor New Zealand’s progress towards the attainment of these Goals.

This is in line with the School’s Critic and Conscience role as an academic institution. It also reflects the University’s commitment to Sustainability as one of its distinctive research and teaching themes.

Maintaining and regularly updating this website will serve four purposes:

  • It will “hold the mirror” on New Zealand’s progress towards the attainment of the Goals (both relative to our own history, and in comparison with other countries).
  • It will serve as a catalyst for conversations on how we can make progress towards the attainment of the Goals.
  • It will facilitate within- and across-sector collaboration for informing and influencing public policy, towards the attainment of the Goals.
  • It will serve as an educational device, through links to research, publications, and conferences on the Goals.

The website, and associated activities, are intended to serve as a resource for New Zealand at large. To that end, both the content as well as the activities associated with the website will be guided by a Steering Group, whose members will be representing the academic, business, public, and non-government communities.

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